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About us

Verbrugge company, a career of 78 years of existence far from ending.

Start of the manufacture by Gaston Verbrugge in 1941 setting up a hard chrome plating line, 10 years later, the company is located in Lille with 8 employees.

In 1963, Jacques Verbrugge takes his father’s activity over and gradually evolved it, especially by increasing capacity up to 6 meters of useful length and by creating the department “grinding”. It then reached about 20 employees.

In 1991, the 3rd generation continues the development of verbrugge company, Jean-François et Jean-Louis Verbrugge modernize the chrome plating line by computerizing the processes.

Our company is going through an incredible turn in 2001, thanks to the creation of the “chemical nickel” department and then, tells more than 30 employees.

Two developed and operational surface treatments: In 2018, Verbrugge company is registered as the European leader in the field and employs 45 employees.

The new site will open its doors in 2021 in Templemars, this will enable us to double production capacities and develop new processing ranges.

The project “Nickel-Chrome 3 Mille”, The new high-tech multiprocessing line will than be able to emerge.

Thanks to all, it’s also thanks to you!