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Thermal treatments on steel


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We can carry out the following steel heat treatments for you:

  • Tempering heat treatment (usually from 160 ° to 500 °C) : tempering is generally used after quenching to reduce the core hardness of the material and increase its strength. Tempering heat treatment can be carried out in ordinary atmospheres or (if T ° > 300°C) under a controlled atmosphere to prevent surface oxidation.
  • Steel annealing heat treatment: used to increase ductility, normalize the crystallographic structure or reduce the hardness.
  • Stress relief heat treatment: is used to release the internal stress of the material after machining and before part finishing. To avoid changing its structure, the temperature will be lower than that for previous treatments.

We have 3 steel heat treatment furnaces:

  • 2m * 1m * 1m – Maximum temperature 620°C, non-controlled atmosphere.
  • 1m * 1m * 1m – maximum temperature 350°C, non-controlled atmosphere – except dust.
  • Four bell maximum diameter 1000mm * height 1000mm – Maximum temperature 650°C, controlled nitrogen atmosphere (no oxidation).