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Selective pad treatments


What is pad electrolysis?

Pad hard facing or pad treatment is used to make deposits outside the tank: a local electrolysis is recreated (the ‘pad’ soaked in electrolyte is the anode, the part is the cathode).

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This local pad hard facing (or selective) can be carried out on raw materials (steel, cast metals, copper, stainless steel) or coated materials (nickel, chrome, etc.). It is used in the following cases:

  • Parts requiring localized coating: the pad electrolysis avoids immersion in a bath and saves untreated areas.
  • Parts with a local defect: filling using the pad avoids machining and full hard facing.
  • Parts that cannot be removed or transported: the treatment can be applied at the customer site (new coating or repair).
  • Parts too large to be immersed in the treatment tank.
  • Parts already treated of which the treatment is locally altered: the pad avoids removing and repeating the treatment.

Pad electrolysis will generally be composed of nickel, copper or cobalt alloys depending on the required properties (wear, corrosion, weldability, etc.).