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Certification ISO 9001 - 2015

To ensure the best quality for its customers, Verbrugge has recently renewed successfully its ISO-system for its department “Electroless Nickel plating”.

Validated in April 2019 by the company DNVGL, ISO9001 defines the requirements for the quality management system for industrial production.

So, you are assured of a full traceability and a perfect repeatability of your orders.

Although the departments “hard chrome-plating”, “grinding” and “polishing” are not certified, they work according to the same quality system.

We are able to adapt to the most demanding specifications. Numerous audits, carried out by prestigious clients, have regularly confirmed the excellence of our quality system.


  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Micrographic slice
  • Dimensional control
  • Hardness conrol
  • Adhesion control
  • Magnetism control
  • Wettability test

X-ray Fluo control

When a material is subjected to fluorescence, it emits energy in the form of X-rays: this is X-fluorescence or the secondary emission of X-rays.

The spectrum of rays emitted by matter is characteristic of the composition of the sample.

It allows us to deduce its elemental composition, that is to say the mass concentrations of elements to determine its thickness to the nearest micron.

Our knowledge allows us to carry out thickness checks by fluorescent X on nickel.

Characteristics : – Coating thickness control from 2μm to 30μm.

Thickness control using x-ray fluorescence.
Thickness control using x-ray fluorescence.

Micrographic slice and thichness measurement from 3µm to 100µm on accompanying test-piece or on production sample.



Dimensional control

Hardness conrol with micro-hardness testers Vickers Leitz

Hardness test at Verbrugge on video (click here)!

Adhesion control by folding at 180°

Magnetism control

Wettability test