Grinding is still often the only way to get your mechanical parts to dimensional geometry “within a few microns”.

We have assets of 8 “conventional” machines capable of adapting to all your parts: small or large, single or in series, of various shapes …

Our special discs will cut from the hardest to softest materials making up your parts.

In particular, after eventual hard chrome plating of your product, we can rework it to accurately adjust it to your needs.

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Grinding specifications

Part handling: 

Part locating generally between points, at 60 or 90 °, guarantees accuracy.

Mixed picking possibilities (chuck + tip) or full (chuck + chuck).

For cylinders of a diameter greater than 800mm, locating using bronze bearings on the “picks”.

For hollow bodies, provide for the manufacture of centering parts taken between tips.

For small parts, can be held using magnetic chucks.

Precision: Of about 10μ, both for geometry and dimension on small parts, precision decreases with height and weight to about 30μ on the biggest parts.

Hardness: Different discs allow “to attack” all types of materials, from rubber to ceramics. For very hard coatings, we have “diamond grinding”.

High speed grinding Our RGV machine makes it possible to divide grinding time by three, especially on large parts but also very hard parts (Max. d. 800mm).

Profile: Our machines allow so-called “profile” grinding of your diameters (convex or concave), conical, tapering, etc.