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Chrome 6 ? Chrome 3 ? Nickel-Chrome 3 Thousand !

The use of the hexavalent chromium will be forbiden by the European Union after September 2024, perhaps even earlier…

The trivalent chromium seems to be the hexavalent chromium substitute and we need to get involved into it!

How can we manage to finish the Cr6 end of life, in the respect of good environmental and regulatory conditions?

How to be ready to integrate the chrome 3 technology before 2024?

Well, by doing our new line nickel-chrome 3Thousand, a modern production line mixing chrome 6, chrome 3 and electroless nickel.

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The use of the hexavalent chromium will end by 2024…

Eco-responsibility and sustainable development are two inseparable notions of a modern and competitive quality policy for a chemical-using company.

REACH is an adopted EU regulation to better protect human health and environment against the risks linked to the chemical substances, while promoting the EU chemical industry competitivity.

The annex XIV of REACH submits the use of some substances to authorization. The Hexavalent Chromium, or “Chrome 6”, or “Chromium Trioxide” is included. This is the raw material for the Hard Chrome Plating process. Which is a widely used process in many applications because of its specific properties. It consists in the electrochemical reduction of a hexavalent chromium salt into a metallic chromium on the client’s part.

“In its metallic form, the chromium is absolutely not toxic and even considered as alimentary!”


The Verbrugge Company filed, with the CTAC consortium, an UPSTREAM file which is now studied by the ECHA for the chromium trioxide in the hard chrome plating context.

Since September 2017 and according to the recommended durations by the risks evaluation comity, the rules will probably be the Following:

  • 7 years maximum authorization with a possible extension.
  • Supplying of the substance nearby a supplier having a registration number.
  • Notification of the use of the substance to the ECHA.
  • The use of the substance in accordance with the authorization file described conditions.
  • The pursuit of alternative solutions researches.

The ECHA is aware that many sectors of activity are users and there is no legitimate substitute developed yet.

Verbrugge will have the authorization to continue using the hexavalent chromium for plating your parts maximum till 2024. We are working with a supplier having a registration number and we apply operational conditions and the risk management measures described in the CTACSub authorization request.

The trivalent chromium seems to be the hexavalent chromium substitute and we need to get involved into it!

So far, many hard chrome plating alternatives have already been studied. But the trivalent chromium coating is naturally coming back on the top of the list:

  • This is the same material protecting your parts: chromium!
  • This is the same technology of a chromium salt reduced by electrolysis.
  • This is a non-toxic chemistry, not categorized in the ECHA’s annex XIV.
  • And we master the electrolytic coating technology since 1941!

For a long time waited, the hard chrome plating with trivalent chromium salt comes back in the forefront. Seriously studied since 2013 by the industry, it returns and prevails itself as a credible, polyvalent and competitive alternative.

  • Thicknesses from a few micrometers to several hundred micrometers
  • High hardness out of bath > 750 Hv
  • Taber wear resistance equivalent
  • Corrosion resistance with a nickel sublayer

Our Research and Development teams work with energy to master this new process to support you through this sustainable transition.

Barre chromée avec un chrome hexavalent

Chrome plated bar with hexavalent chromium

Barre chromée avec un chrome trivalent

Chrome plated bar with trivalent chromium

How to be ready to integrate the chrome 3 technology by 2024? Well, by doing nickel-chrome 3Thousand, a modern Cr6, Cr3 and Nickel production line !

« There is moment when the society and the planet constraints catch you up »

A strategy of sustainable development and energy efficiency enables an increased competitivity.

Launched in 2016, in partnership with many regional actors (schools, public and private laboratories…), the Nickel-Chrome 3Thousand project aims to place at your disposal a high-tech workshop including a modern and “Trivalent-Ready” Chrome 6 production and Electroless Nickel line in september 2020.

To anticipate the future, Verbrugge already have a Chrome 3 bath to train and to perfect this technology and its mechanical behaviours.

Verbrugge is member of CRONOS 2024 (ChROme hard New generatiOn Solutions by 2024) leads by the Technology Research Institute M2P.

In response to this technical, eco-responsible and necessary challenge, Verbrugge commits to propose you a peaceful transition and to guarantee you the best possible continuity of service!