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Electroless nickel plating

Nickel protects all your mechanical parts from corrosion and wear.

Our chemical process (formerly known as KANIGEN) allows the treatment of complex parts and to modulate mechanical properties to your requirements.

Unique in Europe, our line is fully automatic: it is capable of simultaneously and immediately treating any type of material thanks to its “smart” control.

ISO TS 16949 (and therefore ISO 9001) certified, we can guarantee perfect traceability and reliability.

We have the capacity to nickel plate parts up to: 2000 x 1000 x 800 mm, 1.5 tons.

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Electroless nickel plating specifications

Verbrugge, an expert in chemical nickel plating , uses the KANIGEN process for the surface treatment of metals, even for the most complex mechanical parts. Low , medium or high nickel, choose the method that best fits your needs. To help you in your choice of surface treatment by nickel plating, see our data sheet which reviews all the technical features of the KANIGEN technique: corrosion protection, hardness, electrical resistance, etc.

LOW nickel phosphorus MEDIUM nickel phosphorus
HIGH nickel phosphorus
without Heat Treatment + Curing H.T (290°c) without Heat Treatment + H.T broadcast (610°c) Up to 1000 hours S.M.
corrosion protection for a thickness > 40μ 200 hours Saline mist 200 hours in S.M. 200 hours in S.M. Up to 1000 Hours in S.M. Up to 1000 Hours in S.M.
For information: yellow chromate zinc plating < 100 h in S.M
Hardness 700 à 750 Hv 850 Hv (±65 Hrc) 500 yo 550 Hv (Vickers) 700 to 750 Hv 500 to 550 Hv
electrical resistivity > 75 µohm-cm Decreases with H.T > at 260°c 75 µohm-cm (Increased conductivity for copper) Decreases H.T > at 260*c < 75 µohm-cm
magnetic susceptibility Low around 4% Increase H.T > at 260°c Low around 4% Increase H.T > at 260°c $lt; 4%
Aspect Gloss: satin or according roughness coppery Gloss or satin according roughness marbled green Gloss or satin according to Ra
Deposit Thickness
From 3 to 100 μ (higher thickness on request)
Adaptability All parts, even with complex shapes: total or partial protection
Maxi size pieces 2000 x 1000 x 900 mm
Nuance support All metals: carbon and stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, copper and its alloys, cast metals.
Coefficient of friction 30% reduction ( comparison between Steel / steel and chemical nickel / steel)
Regularity of the thickness Perfect (to the nearest micron)
Adherence of the deposit Very good: comparable in all respects with electroplating
Roughness Does not alter the roughness (Ra) of the initial substrate
weldability Solder base silver or tin lead : good / Arc welding or torch : not recommended
Density 7.8-8.0 grs / cm3
Melting temperature 860-880°c
Thermal conductivity