Hard chromium plating

Chemical nickel plating



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Thermal treatments


Anodising, Chemical nickel plating, Hard chromium plating and Grinding

Since 1941 Verbrugge has been protecting all types of mechanical parts (automobile, chemical, textile, steelmaking, paper/cardboard, food industry, glassmaking, hydraulics, etc) whatever its base (steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminium, …) from wear and corrosion Find out here about our equipment, our know-how, technical features …

Hard chromium plating and grinding

Often imitated , never equaled, the hard chrome restart all over again ! It gives your mechanical parts ( steel, stainless steel , cast iron, copper ) wear resistance and exceptional hardness (friction, abrasion , adhesion) for a moderate cost. Rectification enables ‘ calibrate ‘ the room, even in thick chrome .

Chemical nickel plating (Kanigen)

On your mechanical parts ( steels, aluminum , cast iron, copper , stainless steel) , this coating will be the only one able to simultaneously protect against wear and corrosion. 100% chemical process , it allows a uniform coating for indoor and outdoor play, whatever its form.

Our heat treatment (income, annealed , relaxation ) and our selective buffer treatments ( local reloads , workshop or on your site ) complete our range of surface treatments .

To better meet your specifications , our company is ISO TS 16949 and ISO 9001.